How Men’s Underwear Subscriptions Have Grown

Over recent years we have since the boom of subscription boxes. With subscriptions boxes for coffee, nutrition, make up and sooo much more it was inevitable that underwear subscription boxes were going to make an appearance. So why is it that men’s underwear subscription boxes have grown so much in the last couple of years? It comes down to a few basic reasons, its cool, fun, convenient and very cost effective.


Men's underwear subscription box.

The Benefits of Men’s Underwear Subscriptions

So we have understood the basics of why mens underwear is booming. Let’s now take a look inside The Sock and Jock Box and see why this is the ideal mens subscription box.  Firstly its very cost effective, a Sock and Jock Box costs from £7.25 a month for a 12 month Sock and Jock Box. Every single box comes with free shipping, that’s right it doesn’t cost you a penny to have your subscription box sent to you. There are multiple packages suited for everyone from month to month subscription boxes to 12 months. You are able to purchase a single pair of socks or 3 pairs of socks on multiple plans. If that wasn’t enough you can personalise your underwear subscription box with a personal message and gift wrapping. And the icing on the cake is The Sock and Jock Box sends out surprise matching sets of underwear and socks every month. It’s nice to feel part of something and The Sock and Jock Box welcomes everyone to its club.

At the moment the market is becoming more and more saturated with men’s sock subscriptions. Everywhere you look you’ll see another sock subscription company. What differentiates The Sock and Jock Box from anyone else is the individuality and uniqueness provided. The first ever mens underwear subscription box to provide matching socks and jocks at a cost effective price. You wouldn’t believe that our Sock and Jock Box costs less than most sock subscriptions on the market today.


Men's sock subscription box. Men's underwear subscription box.


When Would You Purchase a Men’s Underwear Subscription

Ok, we all know that men and purchasing new underwear is as common as well men purchasing new underwear. It doesn’t happen its not in the mans nature to go out and purchase underwear. We tend to wait for our birthdays and Christmas just as the holes in our socks and the rips in our underwear are about to be completely ratty. We are then covered for another 12 months.

However, with that being said, there is a new, cool and fun way that resolves this problem and doesn’t take an ounce of effort. Simply pick your subscription, select how long you want it for and we take care of the rest. Once your’e part of the club, your’e in.

Purchasing a subscription for the other half we find to be just as a big part of our business as much as men purchasing for themselves. Women purchasing mens underwear subscription boxes is very popular with The Sock and Jock Box. I mean, it makes sense doesn’t it? Whether its your dad, brother, uncle, partner, husband or friend, they all wear socks and underwear. So a monthly subscription box of men’s underwear would be a cracking gift. Costs on average less than £50. Its by the far the coolest men’s underwear subscription box out there. It’s not a one off gift. Surprise gift for the next 6 months. What more could you possibly want.


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