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Multi Shipping

Multi Shipping is a great feature we have for our customers.


This allows you to send multiple products to different addresses all in the same order.


If you want to send out a mix of subscriptions and giftboxes or multiple subscriptions then the Multi Shipping feature allows you to do so instead of going through the checkout process multiple times.

To use Multi Shipping you will need to have 2+ products in your cart. 


These products can be made of Giftboxes and Subscriptions.


When trying t use Multi Shipping there are a few simple steps to follow.


  1. When you have selected your products and are ready to purchase please head to the checkout.
  2. On the Billing section of the checkout fill in your own details in the fields required.
  3. Click the tick box asking “Do you want to ship to multiple addresses?”, and then click the button “Add new shipping address”
  4. This will open up a pop up where you can enter the details of a shipping address. Please fill this in and click Save.
  5. You will see below your products and an address assigned to each product. You can from here increase the quantities of your products.
  6. Follow step 4 again to add another address in the pop up. This will now give you the option to assign each of your products to multiple addresses.