The Best Men’s Subscription Box

A big question that is asked is what is the best men’s subscription box. There are subscription boxes out there for literally everything nowadays and the growth and expansion of the subscription box market is set to thrive in 2020.

With subscription boxes being large in America already we have started seeing expansion over to Europe, most dominantly in the UK.

This brings us to the big question what is the best men’s subscription box out there on the market today. As there is a subscription box for everyone it totally comes down to the taste of each individual man. Whether its subtle and discrete, convenient, fun and different or whether they just want to be part of a group.


The Sock and Jock Box Men’s Subscription Box

We started to build our company on the basis that we want to offer men a subscription box. The subscription box had to be convenient, fun, a surprise and something that men across the world would want. We wanted men to think, that’s a pretty cool subscription box.

The Sock and Jock Box is the best men's subscription box in the world. Offering men's subscription boxes. Men's underwear subscription boxes. Men's subscription box.

Myself and Simon are 2 guys that created the Sock and Jock Box and wanted to offer this to men. We put in a lot of work from suppliers, sizes, fits, materials, designs, packaging, you name it we experienced it.

After all the hard work we thought we had the best men’s subscription box ever. Maybe we are a little biased. With that being said we not only want the best we want to offer our customers, yes you, the opportunity to have a cool, unique fun subscription box but at a cost effective price. That meant going to speak to suppliers, measuring sizes, fits etc (you get my drift) all over again.

And behold we managed to supply our product at our desired price! This seems to make a lot of our customers happy.

Over the time in business and seeing the quick expansion and growth of The Sock and Jock Box we had a feeling we were onto something. Our website has changed dramatically and we are constantly adding improved services and better features after listening to our customers feedback. Therefore we have been able to develop our company with these improved services to benefit our customers.


Whats Next For The Sock and Jock Box

As we head into the New Year we would like to thank all of our customers who have support the Sock and Jock Box. We are delighted at the response we have receive regarding our men’s subscription box.

We have exciting new features coming to our subscription box over the following months.

Keep an eye on our blog as we will be updating this regularly with new company and industry news. Meanwhile take a look at our subscription boxes and social media pages. We are very active on social media both Facebook and Instagram. If you fancy on giving The Sock and Jock Box a try we would love to hear your feedback. Its your feedback that has allowed us to drive our men’s subscription box to where it is now.